Friday, February 02, 2018

State of the Nation - Spiritual

Commenters are trying to find a pattern in Donald Trump’s policy decisions, but all they see is confusion.

Some foreign policy commenters are suggesting that Trump is disentangling the US from all foreign engagements. Others say that he is seeking to destroy international institutions that are not working for America. Others say that he is reasserting American military power.

Economic and political commentators are confused, because they cannot find a pattern to his economic and domestic policies.

The answer to their dilemma is that there is a pattern shaped by the spiritual powers of evil. The United States government is dominated by a cohort of political and government-spirits. Politicians come and go, but these spirits shape the exercise of political power, despite the promises and intentions of the politicians.

Once this is understood, the pattern to Trump’s policies becomes clear. He is able to throw some sops to his supporters, but most of his policies advance the objectives of the spiritual powers of evil. His supporters are disappointed because he has not drained the swamp, but he can't, because the spiritual powers of evil are at home in the swamp.

The following are some of the key spiritual forces at work in the US and the policies that reflect their influence.

  • Spirits of Violence, military force, explain:

     military expansion in Afghanistan.
     military expansion in Africa
     military men gain key roles in the Whitehouse.
     military threats against North Korea
     supporting war in Ukraine
     war in Syria.

  • Religious spirits, explain:

     alliance with leaders of religion-based state in Israel.
     alliance with leaders of religion-based state in Arabia.
     migration changes- the religious spirit hates different cultures because it fears their influence. The Holy Spirit embraces other cultures so that he can share the gospel with them (1 Cor 9:19-22).
     hatred of religion-based state in Iran.

  • Spirits of control, intimidation, deception, political control, explain:

     bullying North Korea
     additional powers of surveillance for intelligence agencies
     bullying political opponents
     bullying Cuba
     demanding to be in control of every situation
     hostility to Iran

  • Mammon, spirits of greed, ambition, prosperity, explain:

     tax cuts for wealthy and ambitious
     withdrawal from TPP, NATA
     withdrawal from Paris agreement
     removal of regulations on the debt sector

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