Saturday, February 10, 2018

Revolution in New Zealand

Jennifer Leclair is an editor at Charisma Magazine. When she came to New Zealand in January, she received one the word, “Revolution”.

On the way to New Zealand in the wee hours of the morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say one word: "revolution." I pondered this. I meditated on it for some time.
I was intrigued that when she spoke in Auckland she limited the word to spiritual revolution.
God wants to see a spiritual revolution in New Zealand.

He wants to see the body of Christ down under turned upside down.

He wants something birthed, a spark that will impact the nations.

God wants to shake thing up in New Zealand. He wants to pour out his spirit again.

Prophets are arising in New Zealand with the pure word of the Lord, prophesying what the Spirit of God says. They will prophesy the reality of the new wine, but it is going to take a new wineskin. God is doing a new thing.

The traditional church is dead. Many people are not in Church anymore, because there is no new wine there. There are memories of yesterday’s wine: no miracles, no signs, no wonders. But Jesus said that these signs will follow those who believe. When a body gathers in his name, he is there in the midst of them, and when he is there in the midst, there should be some sign that he is there.

Jesus is alive, he is arisen.
I agree that the church in New Zealand needs a spiritual revolution. The church down under does need to be turned upside down, from dependence on professional leaders, to releasing the people who are following Jesus to walk in the Spirit. I described how this can happen in my book called Being Church Where We Live.

However, we need a revolution that is much bigger. The structure of our society needs a revolution from being state-centre to being people centred. Our society is currently dominated by the state. Whenever, a problem occurs the government is expected to do something about it. Every new initiative must be approved and funded by the state. A true revolution would produce a society where problems are solved locally, by giving, sharing, healing, caring, supporting by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus.

New Zealand also needs a revolution at the political level. Not a change from one party to another, but a revolution that replaces human government and its failures with the government of God. Our good news is the Kingdom of God. In my book, Government of God I describe how this revolution.

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