Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Gun Violence (3) Protection against the State

Many Americans seem to believe that they need a gun to protect themselves from an evil government. They see the right to own a gun as a bulwark against political dictatorship.

This view does not exist in New Zealand. Many people hate their government. Some hate all governments. But none of them see armed rebellion as a solution. They realise that is a fight that cannot be won.

The American hope seems to be totally unrealistic. When governments go rogue, they also have the power of guns on their side. The rogue state will win all the battles, because it is ruthless, and has the best weapons.

If a swat team turned up to disarm and American who has chosen to fight against their government, they will be quickly be outnumbered and overcome.

The American government could be going rogue already, but by the time most Americans wake up, it will be too late for resistance. Over recent years, the federal government has dramatically increased its powers. It now takes a large proportion of income as tax. Its ability to control people has increased significantly. Rather than resist, most Americans have gone along, because they do not want their comfort to be disturbed.

I don’t know anyone who wants a gun so they can fight against the government, if it gets out of control. That seems to be a big difference between here and the United States. Faith in guns as protection against political tyranny is an odd belief. It seems to be a strange thing to teach young people.

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