Friday, March 09, 2018

Gun Violence (5) Culture and Entertainment

The films and television programs that come out of the United States are full of violence and guns. I presume this has an effect on some of the young people who watch it. I presume that it opens the door to spirits of violence.

We see the same films and television dramas, but we recognise the culture as American, and different from ours. We don’t expect to see these things here. Our police don’t look like that.

I presume that American’s see these films and televisions as representing their culture. They are much closer to everyday life there, so their effect will be more powerful. I presume the impact of the cultural message is stronger when you are seeing it in your situation, not somewhere way over there.

When television and movies fill the living rooms of the nation with violence and war, and political leaders exult in military force and war as the solution to most problems, it is not surprising that the same violent spirit manifests in the nation’s youth.

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