Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gun Violence (6) Spiritual

The issues described in previous posts are contributory, but they are not the main cause of gun violence in the United States. The main cause is spiritual. The main political spirits and government spirits with a stronghold in the United States are the following.

  • religious spirit
  • good works
  • violence
  • fighting and war
The problem is not guns, and it is not people. The problem in the United States is the violent evil spirits that have easy access to young people across the nation. People who are worried about gun violence should be asking why evil spirits of violence have such a strong hold on the nation.

I guarantee that one thing is present in each school shooting: an evil spirit. I presume that in every case it is a spirit of violence.

The solution is not gun control, but evil spirit control.

It is strange that a nation with such a strong Christian influence does not understand how to deal with this powerful principality and power. The problem is that the spirit of violence permeates American life: from the federal government to international relations, through culture and entertainment, and onto life on the street. It has been there a long time, but it is now more entrenched. Unfortunately, the American people are so familiar with this spirit that they do not notice it, except when it breaks out into a school or shopping mall.

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Unknown said...

I wish I'd read this post first. You are 'right on target' here.