Monday, October 08, 2018

Salvation by Law

Christians believe in salvation by grace, not by law, yet they constantly slip back into wanting salvation by law. They believe that the law cannot change human hearts, yet they seem to want to use law to change people’s behavior.

Currently many want to use law to eliminate abortion. Without a change in heart, that will not happen. During the 1960s, western culture chose to have greater sexual freedom and cast off many social restraints. The culture chose sexual freedom, and it has not changed its mind. Once that change of heart occurred, abortion was inevitable, and still is.

American Evangelicals have got their man on the supreme court, but I except that they will be disappointed. Even he the votes to overturn Roe v Wade, which is unlikely because he will be reluctant to diminish federal authority, abortion will continue to be demanded in America, because attitudes to sexual freedom have not changed. Some states have already legalized abortion and more will do the same, making it available to most women.

Brett Kavanaugh is a product of the Washington Establishment. In his career as a judge, he has been a consistent supporter of state power. I presume that he will continue to be an advocate for the accumulation of military and political power. If American continues down the path to become the Beast of Revelation, a supreme court lead by Brett Kavanaugh will not restrain it. He will remain silent in support of his political friends, just as his friends remained silent to support him.

If Christians want to prevent abortion, they should get on with living and proclaiming their gospel, because it has the power to change lives.

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