Saturday, October 20, 2018


Territory is critical to the Government of God. God has given humans authority on earth, so he needs places where people have given him permission to work. To defeat the spiritual powers of evil, he needs places where his people have given the Holy Spirit full freedom to operate. A single house or a church building does not give him much scope. The Holy Spirit will be more effective, if his followers establish a stronghold in a group of dwellings close to each other.

The best way to take territory for Jesus is a group of his followers living close together in one place. Living in unity in the same place expands their spiritual authority, because Jesus promises to be there with them.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them (Matt 18:20).
They have authority in their homes. By standing together, they have authority to force the spiritual powers of evil to leave the vicinity of their homes.

A small group of believers living at the same location, united by love and submitted to Jesus can resist the spiritual powers of evil and force them to flee some territory.

Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in the spiritual realms (Mat 18:18).
When three or four families who are united by their love of Jesus and empowered by the Spirit move to a place and live close to each other, they can drive out the spiritual powers of evil that control it. If one family had moved on their own, they would struggle, because the powers of evil could concentrate to pick them off.

If the people living in a cluster of dwellings follow Jesus and stand together against the spiritual powers of evil, they can establish an evil spirit-free zone where the Holy Spirit is free to work.

When people are led by the Spirit to live close together, they can stand against the attacks of the enemy and establish a place where Jesus has authority. When group of people who are united in love and empowered by the spirit live in the same place, they can take that territory for Jesus. (from Government of God, p.48).

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