Thursday, October 04, 2018

Supreme Court

American Christians are really stirred up about Donald Trump’s nomination for the supreme court. Some believe that Brett Kavanagh is the man that God has chosen. Other are shocked that a man accused of assaulting a woman can be a supreme court judge. Judging be social media comments, the division is getting ugly. It seems that many Christians believe that getting the wrong person appointed to the supreme court could prevent the Kingdom of God from emerging in the United States.

This ugly dispute misses the point. There is no supreme court in God’s plan for his Kingdom. There is not supreme court in the scriptures. A supreme court cannot be justified from the scriptures.

In the Bible, God is the lawgiver and God is the judge, not the US supreme court. A human court using the principles of a human constitution to make human decisions has nothing to do with the Kingdom.

In the Kingdom of God, the role of law is limited to local judges applying God’s law. (See the Government of God). Since a supreme court is not needed for the advance of the Kingdom of God, the appointment of a judge is irrelevant to God’s purposes.

The United States constitution is not God-breathed; it is just a human ordinance. The supreme court is just another human institution that gives the people what they want. When the people wanted slavery, the supreme court approved of slavery (Dred Scott) When the people wanted abortion, the supreme court approved it in a newly discovered it right to privacy.

The supreme court is not the voice of God; it is the voice of man. It is a political institution. If it were just a group of wise people making decisions purely on the basis of the constitution, it would not matter which president appointee the justices. the fact that Presidents want to stack the court confirms that it is a political institutions. Human political institutions have no place in the Kingdom of God.

If the Kingdom of God comes to fullness in the United States, the supreme court will disappear. That should be the hope of those who seek God.

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