Saturday, November 23, 2019

Miracles (4) Interaction between Physical and Spiritual

The materialistic world view assumes that the spiritual world does not exist. The more popular world view acknowledges the existence of the spiritual realm, but assumes that the interaction between these two realms is rare.

  • People occasionally see ghosts.
  • A few nice people get to see angels.
  • God is a long way away. Even if he created the world, he is now watching from a distance. People have to get on with life without him.
  • Miracles are rare, because God has to suspend the laws of nature to intervene in the spiritual world.
  • The Holy Spirit is only experienced in a meeting at a religious place.
  • People go to heaven when they die. It is a place that it a long way away.
These views are all wrong. The spiritual and physical worlds are closely linked. Interaction between these realms is happening all the time. People who ignore events in the spiritual realms will fail to understand what is happening on earth.

The word miracle is not helpful, because it implies that intervention from the spiritual into the physical are rare. That is not correct. Interactions between the spiritual and the physical world are occurring all the time. The problem is that we have been so immersed in the physical world that we do not see or recognise interventions from the spiritual world.

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