Monday, November 25, 2019

Miracles (6) Holy Spirit

The physical world was created out of nothing by the Holy Spirit. We know now that physical matter is energy in a different form. The energy that is the basis of the matter which comprises the universe came from the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit speaks.

  • He reaches out to people who have rejected God and speaks of his love in an attempt to draw them to Jesus.
  • He convicts people who are making bad decisions.
  • He speaks to people who love Jesus so that they get to know better.
  • He speaks to people who listen to him and ask questions.
  • He speaks the gospel to the world through his evangelists.
  • He speaks to the people of the world through prophets.
  • The Holy Spirit gives his people words of knowledge and wisdom (1 Cor 12:8).
The Holy Spirit frequently intervenes in the physical world to make changes for the benefit of God’s people.
  • The Holy Spirit intervened to bring about the blessings of the covenant that God made with his people (Deut 28:1-13). He causes the rain to fall for the benefit of his people. He causes their crops to grow better. These covenant interventions are only for his covenant people, not for the people of the world.
  • The Holy Spirit intervened to protect God’s people when the surrounding nations attacked them. He blinded some armies (2 Kings 6:18). He caused others to fight against each other (Jud 7:22). Others he filled with terror and caused them to flee (Deut 7:20-21; Ex 23:27).
  • The Holy Spirit can heal people who are sick (Acts 8:10).
  • The Holy Spirit can force out an evil spirit that is physically harming a person (Mark 9:18-25).
  • The Holy Spirit can raise people from the dead (Acts 20:10-12).
God gave authority on the earth to humans, so the Holy Spirit can only intervene if he is given permission by humans. This explains why the people of the world only experience the Holy Spirit infrequently. Most of the time they have shut him out and refused to give him authority to work in their lives. This is also why it is important for unbelievers to become hungry for God. They are more likely to give the Holy Spirit permission to work as a consequence of their hunger.

The authority situation on earth means that his activity is often constrained by inadequate prayer. Christians do not experience the fullness of his work, because they do not give him permission to act in their lives. When we keep control over our lives he is shut out from working for us.

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