Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Miracles (8) Angels

Angels can speak in a way that humans can hear (Judges 2:1; Acts 27:33).

  • Mary and Joseph, the shepherds heard angels telling them what to do.
  • Angels comforted Jesus (Matt 4:11).
  • Angels can give people dreams.
  • An angel spoke to Abraham (Gen 22:11).
  • Angels can put thoughts in the mind of humans.
  • Angels speak to prophets (2 Kings 1:3).
  • Angels can speak to people who are rejecting God (Gen 16:8-10).
  • Angels can speak to people who are seeking God (Acts 10:7).
Angels can change things in the physical world.
  • When the angels appeared to the shepherd, they filled the sky with a bright light (Luke 2:9).
  • An angel can open a locked door (Acts 12:8-10).
  • Angels can rescue and protect people from human attackers (Gen 19:10).
  • An angel can lead a person travelling on a long journey (Gen 24:40; Ex 23:30).
  • Angels can destroy the enemies of the people of God (Ex 23:30 (2 Kings 19:35)).
  • An angel can appear to animals (Num 22:22-26).
  • An angel can help a human see into the spiritual world ((Num 22:31).
  • Angels can destroy a plate of meat and bread by causing fire to come out of a rock (Jud 6:21).
  • Angels can appear and disappear from view (Jud 6:21).
  • An angel could destroy a city (1 Sam 24:16).
  • Angels made and spread manna in the wilderness (Psalm 78:24-26).
  • Angels can change the behaviour of animals (Dan 6:22).
  • Angel’s can kill evil rulers (Acts 12:23).
  • An angel can stir up water (John 5:4).
  • Angels can shift large stones (Matt 28:2).
  • Angels can release disasters on earth (Rev 8:7-12).
These things that angels can do are not examples of the laws of nature being suspended, they are examples of the normal interaction that occurs between the spiritual and physical world.

Large numbers of angels can gather together to exert immense power. Unlike the evil spirits that hate each other and fight against each other, angels are glad to join with other angels to obey Jesus.

Angels are servants, so they cannot make humans do things that they do not want to do. They have to wait until humans are willing to be served by them while doing God’s will. The angels are released to act and serve when God’s people are gladly following and obeying Jesus.

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