Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big One Five - Balanced Leadership

Very Obstinate Obstacle
One professional leader cannot be Jesus. Only a body of people can contain the fullness of the Spirit. The modern pastor/leader does not exist in the scriptures. Dependence on professional leaders and hierarchy has paralysed his body.

Missing ministries weaken a church. Without an evangelist, it will not grow. Without a prophet, it will lack vision and holiness. Without several pastors, new Christians will not grow.

Absolutely Essential Solution
A church should be led by a balanced team of elders, including:

  • a prophet to ask the tough questions, expand vision and encourage holiness
  • an evangelist with a passion for the lost and a gifting for sharing the gospel
  • several pastor-teachers to help new Christians grow, to watch over the flock and build unity
  • an apostle to bring enthusiasm and push ahead to break new ground.

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