Saturday, August 20, 2005

Big One Nine - Send out the Best

Pedestal Obstacle
Jesus never said to get people to come; he always said the church should go to people in need.
We will not go, so we do not grow.

As a leader is surrounded by more and more Christians, their ministry is diffused. They are put on a higher pedestal from where it is easier to fall.People with big ministries are being called apostles, but the word “apostle” means “sent”. A person cannot be called an apostle until they are sent out.

Apostolic Solution
Multiplication is more effective than addition. The best people should be sent out as apostles to establish new churches. Just as Jesus left his home in heaven and dwelt among us, apostles should go and live among the people where the spirit is moving.

Apostles will start with the end in mind. They will identify a person of peace or influence and start a new church in their home. The person of peace will be trained up to be an elder, when the apostles are sent out again to plant another church.

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