Thursday, August 11, 2005

What Would Jesus Change?

A friend asked, “What aspects of our lives are shaped by the world, rather than the gospel?” Here is my answer.


  • Serving our status
  • Maintaining our comfort
  • Selfishness

Individualism and Independence

  • High fences around houses
  • Unknown neighbours
  • A room for every family member
  • Solving out own problems

Working hard at Working

  • Most of our lives spent working
  • Often at work we do not like
  • Often doing things that are not part of our calling

Faith in the State Divine

  • Trusting the state to solve every problem
  • “The government should do something about it”, we say
  • Giving the state authority to decide right and wrong
  • Allowing the state to take half of all that we earn

Toleration of trash

  • Inability to discern evil
  • Evil is called good and good is called evil
  • Silence as the beast emerges
  • Acceptance of marginal advertising

Doctors first, God second

  • Faith in drugs
  • Reliance on remedies
  • Salvation by surgeons

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