Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What have We Become?

In the previous two elections, each of the major parties claimed to be a responsible economic manager and stood on a platform official rectitude. In this election, they are falling over themselves to give handouts to the voters. These bribes will harm our nation. The Bible says,

A wicked man accepts a bribe ... (Proverbs 17:23).

In taking this approach to the election, our politicians are trying to make us wicked. They are encouraging people to vote on the basis of what is in it for themselves. People are looking up tax calculators to find out which party will put the most money in their pockets.

By offering bribes, the politicians are causing people to vote selfishly. Very little thought is being given to what is good for the nation. The most important issues are being ignored.

We cannot expect good government, if we are voting for the party that will pay us the biggest bribe.

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