Saturday, December 09, 2006

Political Power

All modern political parties accept the system controlled by the political state. Their only argument is about who should control it. Each party claims that they could make the system work better.

Most Christians also find this political system acceptable. They just believe that the system would work better, if Christians controlled it.

This idea scares many secular political groups. They are frightened by the thought of state power being controlled by Christians. This is ironic, because they are quite happy to control the political system themselves.

Nevertheless, the view that Christians should seek to control the system is wrong. If Jesus is Lord, then the political powers are not. As the Kingdom of God grows, the power of the political system must decline and disappear. As Mary prophesied, Rulers will be brought down from their thrones".

Christians should not be seeking the reins of power. Our aim is to see power handed back to individuals, families and businesses, where it belongs.


Steve Scott said...

I do see one potential benefit of Christians holding political power. Once they obtain power, they could simply do nothing with it.

Ron McK said...

I doubt that they could manage that for long. Someone would find some good to do with it.