Friday, December 15, 2006

Strange Silence

Why do American Christians remain silent about this.


Anonymous said...

The situation in Gaza is tragic. No less tragic than that which is in:
Windtorn Phillipines
Nuclear Iran
and a dozen other issues.

I submit that there is attention. Our ex-pres Carter just wrote a book. He is on the wrong side (in my opinion) of this issue.

Frankly it doesn't really rise to the level of concern for the inconvienence that other death generating events do globally.

I suggest that a move by Hezbolla and Hammas to recognize Israel's right to exist and to terminate the indoctrination of little children to become suicide bombers may be a good place for those oppressed people to start. What do you expect the Jewish people to do? Invite in the Homicide Bombers?

I support Israel's efforts to control it's borders. I wish we did the same in the USA.

There are 200+ other countries in the world. I don't see them stepping up to the plate to take a swing at solving this. I think in the grand scheme of things we in the USA are a little busy here.

I think the larger tragedy is Sudan. And that not ONE European country raises a finger to take concrete action. The incompetent UN asks why the USA isn't doing more. It makes me sick.

I am really tired of everyone globally looking to the USA to solve every world problem. Meanwhile China and Russia get a free ride.

So, Ron, I would change the question you asked, "Why do global Christians remain silent about this"?

RonMcK said...

Christians all over the world are silent about evil that should be brought to the light.

I certainly do not expect America to solve the problems of the world. The thought of it trying to do so is frightening.

The difference with respect to Gaza is that Israel is a client of the United States. The United States give more finacial assistance to Israel than to any other nation in the world. Israel could not have created the ghetto in Gaza, unless the United States government had turned a "blind eye".

Ron not Anon