Friday, December 29, 2006

Somalia Shenanigans

Ethiopian Defence Forces have invaded Somalia (a contradiction in terms.)

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia is a shrewd politician and very clever with words.

  • His forces “were forced to invade”, but he never says who forced him.
  • His forces are fighting against “terrorists”. He uses this trigger word, because it guarantees support from the World Empire.
Most commentators agreed that the Union of Islamic Courts had bought peace and stability to the capital city, but they are now gone. Riding into Mogadishu with the Ethiopian Defense Forces are the motley group of warlords, who have kept Somalia in chaos for the last decades. Looting has already broken out, so the future looks grim for the unfortunate people who live there.

Although one nation had invaded another, the world non-community is mostly silent. I presume they prefer Christian disorder to Islamic stability.

Most Americans could not find Somalia on a map. They learned all they know from Black Hawk Down, so they do not mind if a few Somalis get a bloody nose.

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