Friday, February 16, 2007

Do we Need the Government? (1) - To Tell Us What to Do

There are several answers to this question. Most of them show that we are foolish to trust in human government and confirm that it is unnecessary.

Some people believe that we need someone to tell us what to do.

Children sometimes need some to tell them what to do, but generally they have parents for this purpose.

Most adults do not need someone to tell them what to do. Most of us prefer to make our own mistakes. Anyway free wisdom is plentiful in this world. There are plenty of people that we can ask for advice, if we need it.

Christians have God to show them what to do, so they need human government for this reason, least of all.

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Steve Scott said...

You know, Ron, I take delight in reading what Solomon had to say in the bible, from the "wisdom" books. He had amazing "people watching" skills - he did a lot of people watching - and was a capable writer who could communicate his observations to his readers in a way that was very helpful. Much wisdom is gained "the easy way" from watching others make mistakes. But government policy so often merely sweeps real problems under the rug where nobody can learn from others' mistakes, or it makes "criminals" out of people who really aren't. Being a fool is outlawed when sometimes what we need is a fool to show us how not to live.

Mayberry's town drunk was a man named Otis, and nobody tried to make him "go away."