Monday, February 12, 2007

Starting a Church for Dummies (1)

If you feel a bit dumb, when it comes to starting a new church, do not worry because the Holy Spirit is a bit dumb too. A dumb person cannot speak. The Holy Spirit can only speak using the voice of another person or by putting thoughts into a person’s mind. However, he is really smart at starting churches. If you are dumb enough to stop talking and listen to the Holy Spirit, you are just smart enough to start a new church.

Getting out of the established church is the hard bit, starting a new one is much easier. Just get together with a few other Christians that you trust and listen to what Holy Spirit is saying. Act dumb (listen) until you hear what he is saying, then do it.

Too many Christians worry about a whole lot of irrelevant issues.

  • Where should we meet?
  • When should we meet?
  • How often should we meet?
  • What should we do when we meet?
  • What type of worship we have?
  • How will we get teaching?

The answers to these questions do not matter. Just do what will work for the people involved.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

I'm sure a lot of people hassle and sweat excessively over that list, but it seems to me that "irrelevant" is too strong a word.

Granted, the point is the wine, but the NT has a good bit to say about the wineskin. It does matter.

If "doing what works" is one's only motto, the whole thing might turn into a rather tepid affair in a hurry. It is always a temptation to make God in one's own image.