Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taggers (2) New and Insidious

Experts have made the following suggestions about these new age taggers.
  • These taggers are insecure people who crave for public recognitions.
  • Their tags symbolise who they are and what they stand for.
  • These taggers do not respect the property of other people. They are putting themselves forward because they want to be in a position where they have power to spend other people's money.
  • Many of the new taggers belong to gangs, but some are independent.
  • These people put up their tags all over the country that they wish to control. They are marking out their territory.
The new age taggers seem to prefer darkly painted walls, whereas the traditional taggers prefer whiter walls. It is not clear if this is a reflection of their character.

The worst aspect of the new age tagging is that when they gain power over their area, they will initiate attempts to outlaw all forms of tagging but their own. They want to achieve a monopoly over tagging. This smacks of hypocrisy. They want to stop others doing something they will still do themselves.


Gene said...


Very Clever Writing.

I might steal some of this.

With attribution of course

ZenTiger said...

The evolution in tagging!

I've also noticed self-tagging (tattoos) and the art of tagging unsuspecting individuals - such as many sports people. One wonders that if taggers can catch and brand sportspeople they must be extremely fit, and quite swift.