Friday, February 20, 2009

David Pawsons Burden for New Zealand (1)

To understand the current economic situation in New Zealand, we must go back to a clear word that the English evangelist and bible teacher David Pawson delivered more than thirty years ago. Although he has never been called a prophet, he carried two burdens from God when he visited our nation in 1982.

One burden was as follows:

God wants New Zealand back.
He wants New Zealand back as
a nation that will be a model to the nations
of a people who are living under the government of God.
God intends New Zealand to be one of those nations
where he demonstrates his Kingdom.
God wants New Zealand back.
He is wanting his people to reign with him.
Don’t wait for eternity to begin to reign with him
He is looking for a queen to reign with him now,
because New Zealand has a king an his name is King Jesus.
This country needs a change of government.
New Zealand is a nation that could be brought
under the government of God
and be a light to the nations.
This burden was not understood; his second burden was very simple:
God wants to bring revival to New Zealand for the first time.
God will bring revival through economic ruin.
Who is willing to pray for economic ruin,
to make revival possible.
David Pawson was well known in New Zealand through the circulation of his Bible teaching tapes, so his authority was widely acknowledged. He took this message of “revival through economic ruin” around New Zealand, but it has mostly been misunderstood or forgotten. This is sad, because God was providing a wonderful strategy by which he could bring about a great victory. He was challenging and warning his people, so they could prepare in advance.

The burden of David Pawson contained four important points.
  • God will establish his kingdom of God in New Zealand
  • This will be a model that other nations can follow
  • A great revival will advance the kingdom of God rapidly
  • The revival will come through economic ruin.
Read these four bullet points slowly and let them sink in. This was one of the most awesome prophetic messages that a nation has received in recent years.

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