Monday, February 23, 2009

David Pawsons Burden for New Zealand (4)

God’s challenge to New Zealand was received in the 1980s, but it has not been acted on. People focussed on the economic crash, but missed the warning to be prepared. Many asked, "Is the crash coming now?" but few asked "What must I do to be part of the commando army?" People did not get ready, so God hand was restrained.

The economic crash could have been the 1987 share market crash, but it was not because God’s people were not ready, so he had to defer. The economic crash could have been triggered by the Asian financial crisis in 1997, but God’s people were not ready. The economic crash could have been triggered by the 2007 credit crunch, but it was not because God’s people were still not ready so he has deferred again.

The Lord seems to start an implement his strategy every 10 years, but because his people are not ready, he has been unable to bring his plans to fulfilment.

David Pawson shared his burden,
he also told us how to get ready.
People listened, but they did not hear
Crash, Crash, Amen, Amen! they said,
but no one got ready.
So God could do nothing,
he could not fulfil his word.
A word that is not heard,
cannot be fulfilled.
The church has had thirty years to prepare, but has done very little. Most Christians are still not a place where they could cope with a real economic crisis. Very few could be strong during a time of disaster.

Despite the advance warnings, we are not ready.

Pivotal Times
Very few Christians understand the critical times that we are living in. Most are looking around and see things falling apart. They are not worried, because they believe that Jesus is returning soon to rescue his people. They look forward to an economic crash, because that brings the second coming closer. They are not worried about difficult times, because they have blind faith that God will take care of them.

Rather than pondering signs and events and waiting for the second coming, Christians should be getting prepared to complete the task that God has called us to do. By warning his church that an economic crash is coming, God was giving us an enormous opportunity. Unfortunately we are not ready to take that opportunity. We are living in pivotal times, but the pivot is missing.

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