Saturday, February 28, 2009

God will Provide

Christians have another unreality. They glibly say,

God will provide,
but very few think about what this really means. God actually provides in four ways.
  1. Creative Miracles - Jesus feed the five thousand in this way. The ravens fed Elijah during a crisis. However, creative miracles of this kind a relatively rare. When looking to God for provision, we should not expect gold coins to rain from the sky.
  2. Blessed by the World – The Egyptians gave the children their jewellery when they fled Egypt. These situations are quire rare too.
  3. Reaping what we have Sown – God has given us earth in which to grow feed. If we plant a few vegetable seeds in the earth, God blesses the growth and provides us with feed. Forget about spiritual seed and plant vegetable seeds, if you really want God’s provision.
  4. Other Christians – People in need will often be given gifts by other Christians. This is the most common way that God provides.
Most of God’s provision for his people comes through other Christians. This has an interesting consequence. God’s provision involves two Christians: one to receive and one to provide. For everyone who is blessed by God’s provision, there must be another who gives as the Spirit leads.

So if God is going to provide, we will not all be receiving. For God to provide, some of us will have to be on the giving end. If we not prepared to be givers, God will find it hard to provide.

We should prepare by getting together with other Christians who now how to share and give.

For more this topic see Christians and Money.

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Unknown said...

Point three is well taken. I could grow a fair few veges out my back yard. I think about it a lot .... I think I'll actually do it.