Sunday, February 22, 2009

David Pawsons Burden for New Zealand (3)

The members of a commando army must be totally committed to their task. They are totally focused on their objective and will not let anything distract them. They will do what has to be done, even if it costs their lives.

Each member of the team will be extremely fit, mentally alert and totally prepared for their part in any operation. Each commando will have a task to do. They will have trained for that task until they can do it with ease. Any challenge that comes their way will be handled effectively.

Each member of the commando team will be equipped with a different weapon. One will carry a machinegun, another will be expert with explosives and others will be skilled with small arms. Each one will be trained in the use of their weapons and backing each other up. If one member of the team takes an injury, another will quickly step into his place.

The commandos will have melded together into a team. Their strength comes from the way that they support each other. Each one can go into action, knowing that the rest of the team will back them and do their bit.

These commandos can operate with very limited back up and support. They carry all the equipment in the packs on their backs. Commandos are able to live off the land, so they can operate for long period of time in hostile conditions without support.

The commandos understand the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy. They know how to strike where the enemy is vulnerable and they are strong.

Here are some of the things that I believe Christians must do to become spiritual commandos.

  • Get out of debt.
  • Learn to live simply.
  • Share possessions.
  • Reduce dependence on motor vehicles for fellowship and work.
  • Make the spiritual gifts normal.
  • Take hold of Christian healing.
  • Learn to function as part of a team.
  • Build real relationships with other Christians.
  • Reduce dependence on a few powerful leaders.
  • Learn to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Understand spiritual protection.
  • Total dedication to Jesus.
  • Learn to do God’s work in pairs.
  • Start doing the One Another stuff.
  • Get a vision for the Kingdom of God.
  • Get out of debt.

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