Friday, January 15, 2010

Ahab and Authority

Christian leaders can learn from Ahab's use and misuse of authority.

1) People Pleaser
Jeroboam was appointed by the people not God

1 Kings 12:20
Ahab was willing to let the people decide.
1 Kings 18:19,20; 1 Kings 12:20; 13:33; 20:32, 34 20:4; 8:19,39
Vulnerability: People pleasing is a danger for pastors.

2) Outsider
Ahab came from a lower level position
His mother was a widow 1 Kings 11:26
God exalted him 1 Kings 14:7
Jeroboam, Zimri, Baasha, Omri, Jehu were all outsiders who went to the top. This leads to insecurity
1 Kings 11:28; 1 Kings 15:27; 16:9, 16:16
Vulnerability: Most pastors come from outside the church, invited by the people. They have to win acceptance of the people. This leads to insecurity

In the New Testament, leaders were raised up from within church. They were known and came with credibility. They did not have to establish themselves.

3) Deception
Ahab used pretence, deception to achieve what he wanted
1 Kings 14: 2,6; 22:30.
Vulnerability: Many Christian leaders wear a mask. This covers up insecurity.

4) Factions
Ahab and Jeroboam took advantage of the factions to consolidate their position
1 Kings 12:19; 16:21; 18:21.
Vulnerability: Pastors can be tempted to manipulate factions.

5) Usurper
Ahab took a position that was not his by right.
2 Chron 13:5,6. 1 Kings 16:9
He plotted, conspired and took a position given to the house of David.

Vulnerability: Jesus is the chief shepherd = senior pastor.
It is dangerous to take that title.

6) Opportunist
Ahab took advantage of people’s weakness to get his own way.
2 Chron 13:6,7; 1 Kings 16:9, 15:27.
Vulnerability: Pastors often surround themselves with weak leaders.

7) Ruthless
Ahab dealt severely with predecessor’s heirs
2 Kings 15:29, 16:1
Vulnerability: How do you treat the people loyal to your predecessor?

8) Control
Ahab desired control
1 Kings 13:4
Vulnerability: over-control is a temptation for all leaders.

9) Power Struggle
Ahab won a power struggle. He prevailed
1 Kings 16:22, 18:20
Vulnerability: joining power struggles is a dangerous temptation for all leaders.

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