Sunday, January 17, 2010

Consequences of the Ahab/Jeroboam Complex

The Ahab/Jeroboam Complex has serious consequences. They are evident in many churches.

1) Isolation
God was not with Ahab.

2) Spiritual drought

1 King 17:1
Vulnerability: Spiritual poverty.

3) Blown about like a reed
Swaying like a reed in the water. 1 Kings 14:15 Like sheep without a shepherd
1 Kings 22:17 cf. Eph 4:13,14
Vulnerability: Open to the Jezebel spirit (1 Kings 16.)

4) Illness
1 Kings 14:1; 13:6; 21:4; Rev 2:22
Vulnerability: Many sick in the church.

5) Depression, Suicidal
Rev 2:22,1 Kings 16:18; 21:4.
Vulnerability: Many pastors are depressed.

6) Failure
God began to reduce the size of Israel In those days.
2 Kings 10:32.
Vulnerability: Many churches are declining.

7) Died of Wounds
Ahab was defeated
1 Kings 22:35-37; 2 Kings 9:24; 8:28,29
He was routed. 2 Chron 13:12,15.
God executed judgement on house of Ahab 2 Chron 22:8.
Vulnerability: Many church leaders die of their wounds.

8) Humiliation
Blood licked by dogs
1 Kings 14:10,11; 16:4; 21:24; 22:38; 2 Kings 9:10,36
Vulnerability: Many Christians feel humiliated by the attitude of the world.

The reasons that the Jezebel spirit has gained such a stronghold in the church is that the Ahab spirit has opened the door. Before the Jezebel spirit can be expelled, we must repent of Ahab behaviour. Jezebel was the queen, but Ahab was King.

Elijah understood this problem. This is why he ran from Jezebel's threats. He knew that Ahab stood behind Jezebel, and he knew that Ahab was ruthless.

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