Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jesus on Money (10) - Better Solution

Caring and sharing is the best solution to the problem of security. Resources that were previously tied up in personal security accounts were no longer needed, because individuals trusted the body of Christ instead. The gospel of the kingdom had transformed their life so much that they felt secure in the love of the Christians around them.

Modern Christians focus on Jesus teaching about treasure in heaven and feel uneasy. The reason is that we have missed the point. We focus on not worrying about tomorrow, and find it to hard. Jesus main point was that we have the kingdom. People with the kingdom do not need storehouses on earth. Instead, of storing money in case to provide for ourselves in a day of trouble, they save so they can help others in their day of trouble.

The Kingdom comes first. Obeying Jesus teaching about wealth is not practical in the modern world because we do not have the Kingdom. We are not “all together in the same place” (Acts 2:44). We still consider our property our own. We do not give to everyone who has need. We do not have the Kingdom, so of course we need insurance and superannuation and money in the bank. People without the kingdom need big purses.

The solution is to “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. When we get serious about the Kingdom, we will sell our property and move close to the other Christians that we are connected with. Once we are together in one place, we will be able to share and care for each other. When sharing and caring is normal, we will find that we do not need insurance or a nest egg in the bank. Treasure on earth will be irrelevant, because we have the treasure of the Kingdom.

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