Friday, January 01, 2010

Messages for 2010

The accepted practice among internet prophets at New Year is to issue a prediction/prophecy for the following year. A potential prophet who is silent at New Year will not be taken seriously.

I am not sure about this practice. I have had a quick scan of the latest New Year messages, but I did not find anything that really stirred my heart. Most of these offerings seem rather tame, not much different to the prognostications of secular economic and political commentators.

I have two concerns about the practice. First, God does not think in human concepts of time. He manages history in epochs and seasons. The Julian calendar that we use is irrelevant to his timing. 2010 does not many anything to him, because he measures time in sevens, not decimals or decades. There is no reason why he has anything specifically new to say about 2010.

My other problem is that prophecy is usually initiated by God. He spoke and his servants listened and then spoke what he had revealed. There are a few incidents in the scriptures, where prophets like Jeremiah sought a word from the Lord during a time of crisis and God responded, but the flow of revelation was usually the other way round with God speaking an the prophets responding.

I am pleased that so many prophetic people have been listening for the Lord’s voice, but we should not assume that God will speak, just because another year and decade has ticked over on our human calendar. Assuming that God will speak, when we are ready to listen is just another example of the humanism that pervades our age.


Gene said...

What you fail to comprehend is that at the turn of a year or some other time PEOPLE are more open to hearing from God. Believe me, there are times when ears are shut.

So, it's NOT that God speaks any MORE or LESS during the turn of the Julian calender, it's that people will hear.

What better time to proclaim the word of the Lord than now?

pastorbishop said...

Having been to New Year's Eve services where "words" are given for the year and receiving newsletters for the new year, I question the validity of many "words" I have heard and read.

In Revelation we see clearly the emphasis was on the Spirit speaking due to a season and spiritual condition the church was experiencing or soon to be facing. The emphasis wasn't on people now have their ears open so let's speak to them. If people's ears are shut or deaf they should repent or seek healing.