Thursday, February 03, 2011

Antithesis 4 - Last Days

The Last Days are finished. Most Christian find this hard to accept, because they confuse the last days (plural) of the Jewish nation with the last day (singular) when Jesus will return. The last days refer to the period of time between the ministry of Jesus and the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

The claim that we are in the last days is really quite arrogant, when coming from a church that is so flabby. Those who think that the modern church is going to complete everything that God has planned for the church in this age have a fairly truncated understanding of what he plans to do.


Liberty said...

this is refreshing to hear. thanks for your blog! i just found it today and plan on ordering your book. we have recently started up a "home" church and i look forward to reading your book. blessings!

Noah said...

Hey Ron! I'm reading through your Antithesis posts right now (yes, late) and enjoying them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Parousia. Is there still a future day of the second coming or have we already experienced the second coming in a way that we just didn't anticipate or realize?

Essentially partial preterism vs. hyper-preterism. What do you think?

Maybe we can meet and chat sometime.


Ron McK said...

Noah. Thanks for your comments.

I do expect a Parousia way in the future at the end of the New Testament age. However it will not be like a giant bungee jumper on sky hook of popular thought.

Rather, people used to living in a 4-dimensional world will have their eyes opened to see the (4+n)-dimensional reality that they have always lived in but not perceived. (4 physical dimensions + n spiritual dimensions). This will be glorious for those who are born again of the spirit. They will see Jesus in glory so clearly that it will seem he has come close. It will also open up access to all the stars and planets in the universe.

For those who hearts are hardened against God, the view will be terrifying and perhaps destructive.

More at Dimensions.

I would love to discuss this with you sometime.