Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been silenced by the second Christchurch earthquake.

I was acutally in Wellington in meetings for my work, when the earthquake struck, but my wife was at home. I flew back to Christchurch 24 after the quake struck. All my family and friends are safe.

Our house only has minor damage. A couple of doors that will not shut.

We have no electricity, no water, no sewage, no internet and intermitent telephone, so life will be interesting for the next few weeks.

Our street looks like a four-wheel drive track with huge humps and big holes and silt everywhere.

We had half a tonne of silt in our back yard. Liquifaction that came up out of ground. An army of university students arrived this morning. Ten students armed with shovels and wheel barrows carted out the silt and put in a heap on the street. Contractors with trucks and loaders are carting it away.

Our fridge emptied onto the floor. And the walk-in pantry flowed out like Niagra falls. All crockery fell on the floor too.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Gene said...

when you are back online electricity and all...get your life back first...I know you follow Andrew Strom some.

Isn't this really out of line and all about HIM?

Isca said...

We are very glad to hear that you and your family are ok, we shall keep praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Prayers from Biloxi MS ,glad you and yours are safe,,I do enjoy your blog.