Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Person Prophecy

A reader asked about giving prophecies in the first person. This happened quite frequently in the Old Testament, so it is still a legitimate way to speak. However, it demands a higher level of certainty. It should only be done, if the prophet is absolutely certain that they are saying the exact words of the Lord. That level of confidence will be relatively rare, so this method of speaking should not be common.

Humility is always better than presumption. If the person prophesying is not totally certain, it is probably better to be humble and speak in the third person.

Speaking in the first person, should never be used as a literary device to make a prophecy sound impressive. This is done far too often. I would not want to be accountable for using God’s name in vain in this way.

We should remember that the authority of a prophecy does not come from the eloquence of the words. Authority comes from the Holy Spirit quickening the word in the heart of the listener or reader. Therefore, it is best to be humble in the way we present our words and let the Holy Spirit lift them up, if the thinks the word is important. He can do that if he chooses.

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