Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Many American Christians are afraid that an Islamic government will emerge in Egypt.

I find this odd. 90 percent of Americans claim to be Christian. Half of these are serious, even if the other half is nominal and secular. Therefore, it is natural that Christianity will have an strong influence on American government.

More than 90 percent of Egyptians claim to be Moslem. I presume that at least half of these are serious, even if the many are nominal and secular. Therefore, it is only natural that they would want a strong influence in their government. A pro-American secular government is an unnatural fit with their faith.

Americans expect their government to be influenced by their religion, so why shouldn't Egyptians expect the same.

Religion influencing government is not the problem. That is understandable. The real problem is that the people of Egypt have chosen the wrong religion

There is only one thing that can change the religion in Egypt. The gospel of Jesus.

If American Christians are unhappy with what is happening in Egypt, they should stop supplying teargas canisters and training to the Egyptian security forces and get serious about taking the gospel to the Egyptian people.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Quite simple and straightforward to learn. Congratulations!

Gene said...

I haven't personally sent any gas canisters to Egypt. Your desire to sweep broad the brush must go both ways.

Ron McK said...

Unfortunately Gene, you taxes have paid for teargas, and your "representative" voted for it to be sent.

Christian said...

I moved to NZ so I wouldn't have to pay American taxes anymore . . . an well, for other reasons too.

lovemercytruth said...

yes! the gospel to the Egyptians.

kate said...

Well said.

kate said...

well said.

-from an american

Ron McK said...

Thanks Kate