Sunday, September 09, 2012

Blue Moon Prophets (2)

Understanding the times is important, but not enough. God needs prophets who can explain to God’s people what they should be doing.

When a people or nation have forgotten God and are letting evil take hold in their midst to bring them to their senses. He can only do that if a remnant has prepared for the shaking by building strong relationships with each other. When the world system is shaken, they will be able to support each other through the troubled times. Because they do not depend on to world system for their peace and security, they will be able to minister to the rest of the world from a position of strength.

One reason that the Kingdom is losing ground in many western countries is that Christians have failed to prepare. God has had to hold back judgement in many places, because his people are so wrapped up in the world system, that any serious shaking would destroy them along with the world. Unfortunately, this has allowed evil to get a much stronger hold in many situations.

When evil penetrates deeper into society, the shaking needed to dislodge it has to be much more severe. Because Christians have been unwilling to pay the price of preparing for shaking, God will eventually have to bring even more severe judgment to break evil in the western world.

Complacency due to desire for comfort during pivotal seasons leads to even greater disturbance. Amos described this problem in a prophecy against complacency.

You put off the day of disaster
and bring near a reign of terror (Amos 6:3).
When complacent Christians fail to prepare for the season the prophets are announcing, they put off disaster, but bring terror closer. If prophets warn of disaster, but do not tell their people how to prepare, they are setting them up for terror.

See preparing for Social Collapse.

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