Friday, September 07, 2012

Spring in Chistchurch

Spring has arrived in Christchurch.

This is the rhododendron that we brought with us when we moved to a different house in July. It seems to be very happy in its new place.

This camellia that came with it is beginning to flower too. I will have to keep the water up to them when it gets dry in the summer, but the move has been successful.

The bright colours of polyanthus are very cheerful.


Gene said...

Mr Hort here:
You might want to restrain the blooms to half on the Rhodo and Camelia. It's hard on a plant to move and blooming prolifically is often a plant's attempt to perpetuate it's gene pool if it feels threated. The year before a spruce tree gives up whatever ghost is has is often it's strongest cone set.

Give em a break. Pinch off the too many blooms and let them recover from the move for a summer. Then after they go to sleep for winter in a few months, give them something to eat and THEN enjoy a great display NEXT spring.

Of course this is my humble if educated opinion.

Ron McK said...

Thanks Gene.
That never occurred to me. I will do some pinching.

I guess it is like life. Things may look good on the surface, but deeper down their are problems. Take too much in the present, and you will suffer in the future.