Thursday, September 06, 2012

Church Governance (28)

The most important question about governance is not who is in control? A new world is coming. Will the leadership of your church be able to cope with everything that the future brings.

  • Could your governance model cope, if the church had a 90 percent cut in income.
  • Would your church survive, if the pastor was arrested by the government.
  • What would happen to your church, if the government locked the doors of the church building and you were unable to meet in it.
  • Could your church leadership cope, if 30,000 people came to faith in the area where lived.
The New Testament church demonstrated that it could cope with all these challenges.

Well. That is more than enough on a topic that does not really exist. This full series can be found here.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Ron,

yep, the NT church demonstrated it could cope with all these challenges because Jesus was its governance. He was the Man in Charge, He was the leader and the Head.

But what about elders you may ask? Well, nowhere in the NT do we find them as leaders in the sense that most people would think of leaders today. We find them teaching and protecting.

What did they teach? That Jesus is the leader, of course. What did they protect against? People who were trying to lead the church away from Jesus being the leader.

All the best, brother!