Monday, September 17, 2012

Rock of Offence

Several years ago a friend with prophetic insight challenged me to speak to the rock of offence i Christchurch. I did not have a clue what this meant, despite searching the scriptures over several years. However, it all became clear when I heard a message by Bill Johnson about John the Baptist. I began to understand the problem of disappointment and offence.

Many Christians have sought healing for a long time without success. In some churches, these disappointed people have been prayed for over and over again, but nothing has happened. Most have a deep sense of disappointment and have given up all hope of being healed. Some have been hurt by accusations of lack of faith. This enormous backlog of hurt and disappointment with God has never been sorted.

When disappointment is frequent and unresolved, the disappointed people get offended at God. Offence produces unbelief, which shuts out the power of the Spirit. I now believe that offence at God is a major obstacle to the release of healing in the church.

This book is my attempt to speak to Rock of Offence in Christchurch.

New Zealand readers can obtain the book here.

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