Friday, February 27, 2015

Citizen or Outlaw

A citizen of Spain has no interest in defending the Kingdom of Bavaria. This seems obvious, but it also means that a citizen of the Kingdom of God has no interest in defending the kingdom of United States. We cannot give allegiance to two kings. If I am loyal to King Jesus, l cannot serve the Kingdom of the United States.

A man cannot serve to master. We cannot belong to two kingdoms. If we are a loyal citizen of one kingdom, we become an outlaw in the other.

I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God, but I am also a resident of New Zealand, Because I am a citizen of the Kingdom God, I am an outlaw in New Zealand, because I am committed to another king and another law. While I am a resident, the government of New Zealand claims authority to make me pay taxes and obey its laws. I usually do, because they hold all the power, but I do not acknowledge their authority to rule me. Only Jesus has authority to do that.

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August said...

If there were a kingdom, this would not be an issue. Jesus is King of kings, so within the Christendom of old you perfectly well could be a subject of an earthly king as well as of Christ.

Our modern governments, however, cannot coexist with the Church. The progressive mindset already infects many Christians, since it is taught to everyone, so most Christians will take one little piece of Christianity- whether it is doctrine, liturgy, charity, evangelism- and make a big deal of it so that he can thereby ignore the larger issues.
Everyone seems quite willing to absolve themselves of having a crappy economy with little to no family formation available for the generations coming up.
The net outcome is various churches looking ever more like modern governments and Christian goals looking ever more like progressive ones. Too many Christians talk of revolution.