Monday, February 02, 2015

KC (7) Character of King

The 8th thesis of Kingdom Conspiracy links the character of the king to the nature of the kingdom.

Thesis 8
The character of a king determines the character of the kingdom. The “character” of Jesus can be seen in the titles used for him— Son of Man, Son of God, and Messiah— titles that evoke the story of one exalted to be King following suffering and death. Thus, the kingdom becomes cruciform by virtue of the character of King Jesus.
This is fairly obvious, so it is not surprising that I said something similar in Kingdom Authority.
The character of the king determines the quality of a kingdom. A good king rules a good kingdom. An evil king produces a bad kingdom. A good king will improve the lives of his people. Jesus preached the good news of a new king, and a new kingdom. A profoundly different king brings a radically better kingdom.

God is a good king, seeking a good kingdom. When he created the world, everything was good, so when his kingdom has been established on the earth, everything will be good again.

The devil is a liar and destroyer, so his kingdom is full of hatred, bitterness, destruction and darkness. He hates God, so he wants to see God’s authority on earth weakened.

The Bible never refers to the devil as a king. He is described as the prince of this world (John 12:31; 16:11), because he has never been a king in full control of a kingdom. He is just a prince seeking to usurp the authority of the true king.
We do not understand how challenging this truth is. Jesus kingdom is totally different from any any other kingdom that has ever existed. In Kingdom Authority, I explain how it will becomes a reality. In my next book called the Government of God, I will give a full description of a Kingdom that fully reflects the character of Jesus, and is not a human imitation.

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