Saturday, February 07, 2015

KC (11) Moral Fellowship

Thesis 12 of Kingdom Conspiracy says,

Kingdom citizens are a moral fellowship marked by a cruciform life of righteousness and love, and this life permeates every dimension of life, including peace and possessions.
Scot explains the implications of this for politics.
Kingdom mission as church mission means the church is a kingdom fellowship, or a kingdom politic. Both the word “kingdom” and the word “church” come straight from the world of ancient politics (Chapter 7).
Christians have failed to embody the church as an alternative politic and have instead opted for influencing and improving Caesar or transforming culture or using the political process to accomplish their wishes. Americans love politics, as do people all over the world. America is made up of lots of Christians and this means many Christians get riled up in the political process. Many fall for what I called earlier the eschatology of politics, the belief that the next candidate or vote can bring in kingdom conditions…. To be blunt, many who have abandoned the church and opted for the political process are now calling it kingdom work.
People are groping for words that sanctify and justify and legitimate and, if I may use the term, spiritualize good work like building water wells because people want their efforts to have transcendent significance (Chapter 6).

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