Tuesday, February 03, 2015

KC (8) Redemption

The 9th thesis of Kingdom Conspiracy focuses on redemption.

Thesis 9

Kingdom citizens are Jesus-redeemed humans, people who have been saved from sin, liberated from cosmic powers, and who are conquering systemic evil through the power of the Spirit. Unredeemed persons are not kingdom citizens, and so only the redeemed can do kingdom work.
The only way to enter the Kingdom of God is to be born again of the Spirit by surrender to Jesus lordship.
When the kingdom is divorced from redemption, it ceases being kingdom and becomes social progressivism, social conservatism, progressive politics, and the betterment of the world and culture (Chapter 9).
Kingdom redemption is the work of God, in a world of cosmic forces that ink the sign of the doomed–to-death on everything, in which God through Jesus in the power of the Spirit liberates people by forgiving their sins from any kind of death-aimed captivity, whether that captivity is physical, spiritual, institutional, or systemic. The power of kingdom redemption is centred in Jesus, his life, his death-absorbing death, and his resurrection. This resurrected Jesus unleashes kingdom redemption in the here and now and through the Spirit (Chapter 9).
Kingdom mission redeems us from all that binds and shackles us to death. Thus, Kingdom redemption is holistic redemption (Chapter 9).
This is good stuff.

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