Wednesday, March 11, 2015

7000 years???

During the last two hundred years, many Christians have believed that Jesus return was just round the corner. They were wrong because their assumptions were wrong and their theology was flawed.

One of their false assumptions was that life on this earth is limited to 7000 years: 4000 to Jesus, 2000 for the church age, 1000 for the millennium. This doctrine is widely accepted, but is not in the scriptures. It should have died in 2000 AD when its time ran out, because the church age had gone beyond 2000 years. Some commentators have kept it on life support for a few more years by squeezing a few more years out of OT history to make it less than 4000 years, but the 7000 years doctrine will eventually fail.

There is too much in Daniel and the other prophets that has still to be filled for it to happen in 15 years, so the 7000 years doctrine is already on its last legs.

The biggest problem with the 7000 years doctrine is that it was based on the millennium doctrine. This doctrine was developed by people who did not understand the gospel of Jesus, or the role of the Holy Spirit. Strangely, they wanted a Rambo Messiah, like the Jews who opposed Jesus wanted, but which Jesus refused to be.


Keras said...

Regarding the 1000 year Millennium reign of Jesus on earth. This is hardly a 'doctrine', the Bible specifically states this fact in Rev 20.

Ron McK said...

Keras, Of course a 1000 years is mentioned. But not all the baggage that the millennium doctrine puts on it.