Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not Dominionism

A reader suggested that I am a proponent of Dominionism or Kingdom Now. Nothing could be further from the truth. The supporters of these views want to get control of the political and legal system, so they can establish the Kingdom of God by enforcing God's standards. They want to use imposed authority, which is anathema to God. It scares the people of the world, because they do not want the church, or Christians, telling them what to do. Fair enough, too.

What I advocate is the opposite of dominionism. It does not rely on political control or imposed authority. It is entirely voluntary and depends on people freely choosing to follow Jesus in response to the gospel and the prompting of the Spirit (this is Free Authority).

The big question is: Will the gospel be successful? Will the Holy Spirit be successful? I realise that I am a minority on this one, but I believe that the clear teaching of the scriptures is that the gospel and the Holy Spirit will be successful. That raises the question of why they have not been successful so far. Which is why authority is so important. The gospel and the Holy Spirit are currently constrained, due to the authority situation on earth, but that will change. When that happens the gospel and the Holy Spirit will be amazingly effective.

May book called Kingdom Authority deals with this issue. The first part describes how authority was lost. We can see the evidence of that. The latter part describes how it will be restored. God has a plan to achieve that, and the result will be amazing, but we do not see it yet.

The book of Revelation is relevant to this issue. Most Christians see it as a doom and gloom, with possibly a rescue, but that is wrong. Revelation is a book about authority. It describe the rise and accumulation of political power. However, one of the main themes of the book is that this power will be destroyed, not temporarily, but forever. It will not be destroyed by power, but by a shift in authority that releases the church to preach the gospel in the power of the Spirit.

So it all comes back to the same question. Will the Holy Spirit and the church be successful in accomplishing the purposes of God on earth? Most Christians say No, but Revelation answers with a resounding, Yes.

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