Monday, March 09, 2015

United States Hiatus

The US presidential throne is currently empty. Obama was elected as an activist president to bring “Change we can believe in”, but nothing has changed. Everything that he has tried to change has failed and his followers are disillusioned.

Obama is now a paralysed duck. All he can do is the only thing he is could at, making grand speeches, that are applauded but ignored. The Obamas are like the British royal family, pretty people trotted out for ceremonial occasions and the covers of women’s magazines. The agenda in Europe and the Middle East is being set by Merkel, Putin, Cameron and Hollande. These are the four heads that Daniel saw on the goat (8:8).

The pres-idolators hate this. The presidential worshipers are angry. They will join together with a cheerleader congress to elect a powermongering, dictatorial president, who will make Wilson and Roosevelt look tame and feeble. This will be a disaster for America (and the world) and set it on the part to being the Beast. This might not happen in the next election. The US might need another crippled royal called Hilary or Jeb first to get people angry enough.

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