Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Having a Ministry

A prophetic ministry is not something that we can have. All that we can have is the prompting of the spirit and relationships with people that give us opportunity to speak. Prompting and opportunity. That is all we can have.

We need to be ready for the opportunities, but in between them, we have nothing but potential and reputation. Potential is only of value if we keep our hearts right. Reputation might help others, but it is of no value to us.

When Daniel spoke to the King of Babylon he was a prophet. In between, these opportunities, he was just a bureaucrat working for a pagan government. In between, he did not have a prophetic ministry, he just had a job (as a slave) that gave him contacts with important people and a few opportunities to speak.

In between promptings, a prophet is just a man or women seeking to walk with God and hear him speak.

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