Thursday, June 25, 2015


Friendship rarely comes naturally. Parents need to teach their children how to be friends. Here are twelve tips that children need to learn.

  1. Get friends by being friendly.

  2. Friendship is not a right. Seek out people who are lonely and friendless.

  3. Being better or clever and putting people down makes us feel good, but it destroys friendship.

  4. Be cheerful. People like to be around people who are positive.

  5. Listen to others, as much as you speak.

  6. Most girls want a bosom friend for life, but this is rare outside of novels. It is better to have a group of friends. Then there will always be someone there for you.

  7. Do not suffocate friendship. Allow friends time out, if they need it.

  8. Do not keep friends on a short tight. Give them freedom to do things without you and engage with other people. Let them go, and you will keep them.

  9. You will need time out from friends. When you need time out, tell them graciously. Don’t burn them off, because you still need their friendship.

  10. When friends share their hearts, and their sorrows, treasure it carefully. Don’t turn their secrets into gossip.

  11. Always speak well of your friends. Do not pull friends down behind their backs with other friends. If they have made a mistake, tell them, gently. Don’t tell others.

  12. Learn to forgive: and forget. Forgiveness, lubricates friendship. Don’t bring up issues that have been dealt with.

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