Thursday, June 04, 2015

Old Covenant Sacrifice

The sacrifices offered in the tabernacle were not just meaningless ceremonies. They actually worked; not as well as the cross, as they could not remove a sinful nature and allow people to receive the Holy Spirit, but what they did, they did well. The sacrifices offered in the temple provided expiation for guilt and sin (Heb 9:13).

Once the sins of the Israelites were covered by these sacrifices, the powers of evil lost the right to attack. The sacrifices provided real spiritual protection for the ordinary people.

When the temple was destroyed, the sacrifices ended. Those who refused Jesus sacrifice had no sacrifice for sin so they lost their spiritual protection from evil. The death of the Jewish state, broke the power of the principalities and powers that had controlled the nation since the time of Jeroboam (2 Kings 24:9), but the lost their personal protection. God scattered Israel throughout the world to keep them safe (Rev 12:16).

Establishing a nation state in Palestine in 1948 was spiritually risky, because once political power was put in place, the same principalities and power of power and violence were able to move back in and seize control of them. The temple was destroyed, so there was still have no sacrifice for sin. This leaves the nation of Israel in a very dangerous position. They are stuck under the old covenant, so they still have no spiritual protection from evil. At the same time, by establishing a political hierarchy, they leave themselves in the grip of the principalities and powers that dominated Jeroboam, Ahab and Herod.

Since the Israel was established, a huge multitude of evil spirits have converged on the nation of Israel. A few have attacked the Palestinian people, but most are power-seekers, so they go for the structures of power. Their goal is to destroy Israel from the inside out. They can do this because Israel has no protection against spiritual principalities and powers. Christians who go to Israel and travel with a group bring their own spiritual protection with them, so they do not recognise the spiritual desolation that surrounds them.

Many Christians are praying for Israel, but they do not have any authority in the nation, so their prayers are ineffective. Many of those who do pray, are compromised by loyalty to political and military power, so they do not have authority to deal with the principalities and powers that control nations.

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