Friday, June 05, 2015

US Jews and the Beast

The United States has the largest population of Jews outside Israel. These are good, diligent, productive people, but they have no spiritual protection. If they have not accepted Jesus, they are still under the Mosaic covenant, but they are unable to fulfil its requirements. The covenant sacrifices that covered the sins are the people were discontinued when Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70, so they have not expiation for sin. This leaves them under the curse of the covenant without any remedy.

US Christians tend to assume that the status of the Jews depends on the covenant with Abraham recorded in Gen 12:2-3. This is wrong. This covenant still stands, but it has been amplified by the covenant with Moses. The blessings promised to Abraham were channelled through the covenant with Moses (just as they are now being channelled to those who believe in Jesus through his covenant). Therefore, the status of the Jewish people depends much more on the covenant with Moses.

The curse of the Mosaic covenant gives the spiritual powers of evil the right to attack them. The large number of Jewish people in the United States without any spiritual protection leaves a door open to evil spiritual attack, which is far more dangerous than the nations leaky land borders.

This spiritual vulnerability might allow the Terrible Beast to emerge in the United States. The fact that many Jews lives there, but are still under the old covenant, gives the powers of spiritual evil to establish the beast in that land. The devil hates the children of Abraham with a vengeance and pursues them to destroy them (Rev 12:13), so he is keen to get his Beast established in the United States, so can destroy the Jewish people sheltering there. This explains why evil and violence are so prevalent in the United States, despite the large number of Christians living in the nation.

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