Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Foolishness and Folly

New Zealand is ruled by two men, who are assisted by a third. I call them Foolishness and Folly. They are assisted by a financial fiddler.

The first man began life as a financial trader. No morality is needed for trading. You decide what you think is going to happen, and take a positon. If you are right you win; if you are wrong you lose.

He operates the same way into the political world. He tried to pick the next big political issue, and takes a position first, and then tries to shut others out.

The second man began as a shrewd business. He believes that success comes from buying early, and making a killing.

As a politician, he wants to pick winners and invest in them.

Financial Fiddler
Their assistant does have morals. He cares about people who are hurting. However he things that he can solve problems by spending money on them.

His approach to politics is to shifting money around and trying to get public servants to perform better.

We will see foolishness, folly and financial fiddling fail.

The wisdom of Wellington will be put to shame
by trouble upon trouble upon trouble.
Our three leaders will make mistake after mistake after mistake.

They have not moral anchor,
so no wisdom
just pragmatic politics
and financial fiddling.

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