Thursday, February 11, 2016


Everyone in this world needs Jesus:

  • to free us from the consequence of rejecting God
  • to rescue us from the spiritual powers of evil
  • to guide us in how we should live
  • to give us with his Holy Spirit to live within us
  • to restore creation
  • to worship
  • and to love.
We need a new breed of evangelist, who can:
  • tell people who Jesus is in the language of the new generation (with no Christian jargon).
  • explain how the world works and the role of the spiritual powers of evil in perpetrating evil and destruction on earth.
  • explain to people how Jesus can deliver them from the spiritual powers of evil
  • heal the sick to demonstrate Jesus victory over the power of evil
  • explain how the Holy Spirit wants to work within us
  • teach those who trust in Jesus how to listen to his voice and do what he says.

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